Update and Official Roadmap Released

Official EXODIA Roadmap

We have been busy this month developing the optimal ways to safety build around the OHM model set forth by OlympusDAO, without sacrificing standards.

Since day one of the community control of EXODIA, we have been discussing the correct course of action and a clear path forward to maintain the health of EXODIA and the investor. We have also been very busy on several developments within EXODIA.

During this month we have completed a full new UI/UX Upgrade to EXODIA.fi, launched Wrapped Stack Exod, ($wsEXOD) and instituted a tiered based education system previously unseen in the OHM space. We have, as a community, also compiled an Official Roadmap for the future of EXODIA.

Here we will discuss what has been completed, in progress, and what is yet to come. Several items we will be vague on for reasons of security of the protocol. Several new innovations to the OHM Model are being developed and of course, we don’t want others seeing this and implementing it before we have it launched.

In the beginning, organization and team construction was at the forefront. We have compiled a phenomenal team of Developers, Community Managers, and Marketers for the newly formed EXODIA DAO. We continue to look for specialized, goal-oriented individuals to add to this remarkable team. Please reach out to us on Discord, Telegram, or Twitter if you would like to contribute to your area of expertise.

The EXODIA DAO Voting Portal has been launched at snapshot.org/#/exodiadao.eth where we have already passed two proposals, including the Beethoven-X Pool ‘The Monolith’ coming soon. The other a proposal for an OTC purchase of $gOHM from OlympusDAO to seed the pool.

We remain laser focused on bridging partnerships with the top protocols on the Fantom Ecosystem. These include Beethoven-X, Revest Finance, as well as many others that will soon be announced. These partnerships will help align EXODIA with the top projects on Fantom and tie us into the successful growth of Fantom as it becomes the top L1 contender in the market.

This is in current development now and we will release more information as the day for release draws nearer.

We have passed a proposal to acquire gOHM for THE MONOLITH Beets Pool. This is just the beginning for our continued integration of gOHM and continued pioneering in the symbiotic OHM realm. More gOHM integrations are coming soon in the way of Bonding and {REDACTED}.

These features will innovate the way the OHM Model exists as we currently know it today. However, we unfortunately will not release further details as we wish to keep such innovations under wraps until launch. Keep on the look out for more news of Liquid Locked Staking and FNFTs soon.

We have started working on a new way to not only create more interesting community but also provide new ways to leverage $EXOD and $FTM with NFTs that are far cooler than simple images hosted on IPFS. We will be bringing NFT integration into the $EXOD ecosystem in the forms of a custom NFT portal integration on Exodia.fi but also by sourcing and creating the artwork and collections necessary to make this a worthwhile endeavor. We will have much more to say on this subject soon as well.

The final stage of the roadmap will not be discussed right now. These are still in the early stages, and we are not yet in a position that warrants announcements yet. However, details of these will be released within the coming months and we are excited to bring them to you.

If you would like to discuss these further, please join us on our Discord or Telegram and speak with a community leader.

We look forward to 2022 being the Year of the EXODIAN!


EXODIA is a decentralized reserve currency protocol with deep OHM integration, based on the EXOD Token that operates as a genuine fork of Olympus. Available on the Fantom Opera Network, the true nature of EXODIA is to become The Reserve Currency of Fantom while investing in the Fantom Ecosystem.

Learn more about EXODIA by visiting exodia.fi. To speak directly to one of the team members please visit us on Discord or Telegram.

EXODIA is the decentralized reserve currency of Fantom. Exodia.fi

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EXODIA is the decentralized reserve currency of Fantom. Exodia.fi

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