The Rise of EXODIA

We are often blinded by profits and greed.

It is important to remember the core values of crypto and what we are achieving: a new trustless world built on openness and composability. A decentralized network of users are building the future of finance in a way that can empower individuals to be financially independent.

We have to thinking outside of the box in order to create new financial tools which respect our core values. The Olympus DAO, by creating a defi-native reserve currency, is a giant leap toward that goal. We support them in that journey and want to help them achieve this goal by being the reserve currency for the Fantom Opera Network.

We will use a very similar playbook to Olympus, with responsible and controlled growth. By acquiring gOHM in our treasury through the bonding system, we will help them stabilize and grow their protocol while diversifying the rest of our treasury in Fantom projects. We believe this will bring huge benefits to both Olympus the Fantom ecosystem.

The new team at Exodia envisions being a leader in the Fantom ecosystem by focusing on the long-term growth of the protocol. Moreover, by establishing long-lasting and beneficial partnerships with other protocols, we can help strengthen the ecosystem. Our team believes in the core values of crypto and are aiming for the highest level of transparency, openness, and decentralization.


Long-term growth of the protocol is our top priority. To achieve this we need knowledgeable holders. Education has been a priority since the beginning, as we believe that it will not only help us to reach our goals but also keep us in line with our values. What good is it to create new financial tools if nobody understands how they work?

OHM’s complex mechanics trouble investors to understand what a good OHM fork looks like. This can lead to a lot of confusion with apes being apes, hopping between OHM forks with the highest yield, without considering other aspects of the protocol. We don’t want that with Exodia.

We want stakers to understand why they need to stake and hold (there is much more than just the APY). Unfortunately, most ignore how to account for dilution and game theory. This process takes time, but it fits well with our goal of empowering crypto users and we won’t stop there.

We are widening our education scope to the Fantom ecosystem and DeFi in general. You may look at this as a way to funnel new users into the protocol, as well as helping the Fantom network onboard new users. We will achieve this through new educational content such as articles, videos, and games (to name a few). We want this to be done in a fun, interactive and engaging way which will be rewarding both to new users and our core users who share their knowledge.


As we complete the transition to a DAO we are eager to include the community in the decision-making process. However, we will postpone allowing everyone to open proposals until our education program has seen good results within the community. Until then, the current core team will open proposals and ask the community to vote on them.

Also, we are always listening to the community and will open a proposal on one’s behalf if we think it could benefit the protocol in the long term.
You can access our snapshot page here:


Exodia aspires to be a shining example in transparency.

We will have a dedicated channel for policy change announcements and how the DAO funds are distributed. The policy team (led by HOVOH) will handle policy changes, aiming to justify their actions by explaining how they think the protocol will benefit.

This will help our community understand our thought process and how we handle policies. Feedback and discussion is welcomed, as it helps to re-enforce our thinking or correct us when we’re wrong.

Call for Contributors

It’s important to note: Exodia launched with no allocation for the team. We are working on finding solutions for budgeting to ensure the development of Exodia. Our team is derived from the community. This is truly a communtiy project. It’s philosophy has attracted very talented people and we are eager to work with even more of you to help build it.

If you want to help us in making Exodia the reserve currency of Fantom, we invite you to join our Discord and head over to the contributors’ channel. We will handle this in a very transparent manner, with a list of tasks to complete. Contributors will be able to select what they want to work on. Ideas are welcome.

We are also looking for video makers, content creators, writers, and graphic designers to help produce material.

This is an exciting time to get into Exodia and we hope you are as eager as us to see the project succeed. We are building something bigger than any one of us could have achieved on our own and we hope you join us in that journey.

For the Monolith

EXODIA is the decentralized reserve currency of Fantom.

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EXODIA is the decentralized reserve currency of Fantom.

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